GlutenControl 60 caps.
GlutenControl 60 caps.

Gluten Control is a formula specifically designed to facilitate the digestion of gluten, casein and other proteins that cause allergies and food intolerances.

Gluten Control contains DPP-IV (dipeptidyl peptidase IV). This is an enzyme complex that breaks down gluten and casein. Gluten Control formula includes five more additional proteases, each of which has a specific digestive activity, complementing DPP-IV for the complete reduction of the protein. Significantly facilitates digestion by contained in Gluten Control amylase, lactase and lipase.

Gluten Control is a highly effective product that improves the overall protein assimilation.

The undigested proteins can enter the bloodstream in people suffering from Leaky gut Syndrome. Studies suggest that intestinal permeability is very serious problem that may lead to the development of various autoimmune problems.

Gluten Control contains the full range of proteases, facilitating the use of proteins. This is important because these proteins cause problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and hence - of the whole organism. DPP-IV (dipeptidyl peptidase IV) and five proteases added in Gluten Control contribute to the degradation of gluten and indigested proteins.

Gluten and casein are proteins that are large, complex molecules with thousands of amino acids sequentially rolled up in the molecule. Without enough specific enzymes to destroy them, the amino acid bonds in these large proteins may remain indigested. This leads to the formation of a protein, which is only partially digested. These smaller peptide bonds are long enough to cause digestive problems. Such problems are gas, bloating, occasional liquid stools, constipation, fatigue and sometimes severe gastrointestinal inflammation.

Improper digestion of carbohydrates is often caused by condition called gluten intolerance. Gluten Control deals with this problem by using two types of amylase, cellulase and glucoamylase that help complete digestion of sugars and carbohydrates.

Although avoiding foods that contain gluten is the best that can be done to relieve condition of these patients, it is not always easily accomplished. Even when people suffering from gluten intolerance maintain a strict gluten-free and casein-free diet, many products can be hidden sources of these proteins and cause serious problems.

Gluten Control is an effective addition to a gluten-free and casein-free diet, it relieves stress conditions caused by hidden gluten and casein, allowing these proteins to be properly digested and absorbed.

Hidden sources of gluten

Roquefort cheese, bouillon cubes, caramel color or flavor, chocolate milk and drinks, curry powder, flavored instant tea or coffee, food coloring, gelatin, starch, alcohol from cereals (such as beer, scotch, bourbon or vodka), gum base (such as chewing gum), hydrolyzed vegetable protein, malt, candy, modified food starch, monosodium glutamate, milk-free desserts, packaged mixes, rice, preservatives added to processed meats (such as sausages, wieners, minced meat), salad dressing, soy sauce, spices, spice mixes, vegetable proteins, vegetable starch, vinegar (white or malt).

Enzymatic activity of Gluten Control - patented trade mark


Mode of action

Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV)


GR SEB-Pro ™ SEB-Pro GR is a combination of five powerful proteases which operate in a wide pH range, improving the digestion of protein. DPP-IV acts on the protein gliadin (present in gluten) and casein and assists in regulating the inflammatory response to gluten.

đÉmylase I, II and glucoamylase

Break down carbohydrates, in particular starch, into smaller dextrins and sugars


Digest cellulose, complex polysaccharides found in all substances of plant origin, including fiber

Hemicellulase and xylanase

(HemiSEB® cellulose)

Degrade carbohydrates (e.g. fibers) and other plant polysaccharides such as hemicellulose, a major component of plant cell walls


Breaks down the complex carbohydrates such as raffinose and stachyose, often contained in legumes, cruciferous vegetables and cereals


Breaks down lactose - the difficult to digest disaccharide found in milk, into simple sugars for easy absorption


Catalyses the breakdown of fats in the essential fatty acids that are necessary for normal tissues and cells

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Content in a single dose:

Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV)

SEB-Pro GR™ (Protease I, Protease II,

Protease III, Protease IV, Protease V)

 84 mg


 52 mg


18 mg


 15.5 mg

HemiSEB® (hemicellulase, beta-glucanase, xylanase, pectinase and phytase)

8 mg


 8 mg


 7.5 mg


 7 mg

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose - E460

Nett Weight: 22.32 g