Alkamin is excellent balanced formula of natural, alkaline-forming minerals, which contributes for naturally neutralizing excess acidity in the body. The content of Alkamin is enriched with natural calcium, as well as other minerals which are contained naturally in the red algae. This helps refill the reduced mineral levels, which is typically for organisms with presence of high acidity, and contributes theirs alkalization.  Alkamin contributes to the normalization of the acid-alkaline balance and supports the natural progression of all physiological processes in the body.

The tablet form of Alkamin is designed special for people with intensive routine, as this form is more convenient for carrying and use during travel.


  • Helps maintain the natural pH medium
  • Favorable influences the normal course of metabolism and energy production
  • Contributes to the natural cleaning of acid residues from the body
  • Helps maintain normal acid-alkaline balance
  • Helps maintain physiological levels of electrolyte balance
  • Helps the return of normal acidity after overeating or consuming foods that cause heartburn.

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Content in maximal daily intakes:

1 tab.

1000 mg

2 tabs.

2000 mg

3 tabs.

3000 mg

Pure Sodium bicarbonate

0.714 g

1.428 g

2.142 g

Akvamin (natural multimineral complex of calcified red algae )

0.2 g

0.4 g

0.6 g

Potassium bicarbonate

0.073 g

0.146 g

0.219 g

Sodium citrate

0.013 g

0.026 g

0.039 g

Other ingredients: dry lemon flavor; bulking agent - microcrystalline cellulose; bulking agent -maltodextrin, emulsifier – magnesium stearate.

Nett weight: 31.98 g