MYCO 3 is a dietary supplement that is a precise combination of mushrooms Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi. These three medicinal mushrooms are the basis of the fungus treatment known to mankind for thousands of years. These mushrooms have diverse beneficial properties for the human body, including antiviral, antifungal and immunostimulation. They are a good helper of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Have powerful adaptogenic properties that are unique in the plant world.

Treatment with mushrooms in China has very rich history. For more than 50 years, scientists study the mechanisms of action of medicinal mushrooms. Many and various are the diseases that are treated with mushrooms and their importance in the prevention of these serious conditions is extremely broad.

The unique bioactive complex of mushrooms shiitake, maitake and reishi is the richest natural source of organic germanium.

Each mushroom has its own strength in the struggle for human health. What unites them is the presence of specific polysaccharides in each of them. These polysaccharides help the immune system to fight with any diseases. Stimulate T lymphocytes, they - macrophages and the body begins to release a substance named perforin (high molecular weight protein). Perforin works by creating holes in the outer membrane of tumor cells and consequently they lose fluid and die. Studies have demonstrated that lentinan, which is contained in mushrooms, stimulates not only the activity of T-lymphocytes, but also the activity of natural killer cells (so called NK-cells).

This is why doctors worldwide recommend to their patients suffering from tumors, along with conventional treatment to apply precisely these mushrooms, which play an important role in supporting the immune system. They are suitable in the case of existing diseases and as a preventive measure against their occurrence and protection from frequent illness.

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Content in one capsule MYCO 3

Total quantity of certified mushroom powder - 330 mg, of which:

  • Reishi - 158.4 mg
  • Shiitake - 132 mg
  • Maitake - 39.6 mg

Content in the maximum daily dose (9 capsules) MYCO 3

Total quantity of certified mushroom powder - 2970 mg, of which:

  • Reishi - 1426 mg
  • Shiitake - 1188 mg
  • Maitake - 356 mg

Nett weight of one capsule: 330 mg

Nett Weight: 28.5 g