Acti Chromium
Acti Chromium

Acti Chromium is a dietary supplement in liquid form having a proven effect on metabolism. The ingredients of Acti Chromium exert a stimulating action on insulin and thereby promote normal levels of blood glucose and optimal metabolism of glucose in the body.

Acti Chromium is a combination of three powerful active ingredients that mutually complement each other’s action and effectively stimulate the metabolism, which in turn leads to a reduction of body weight. Acti Chromium is a formula focused on helping the digestive system, which simultaneously favors maintaining normal levels of blood sugar, stimulates circulation and proper distribution of energy. Liquid form and specific administration of Acti Chromium ensure optimal absorption of active ingredients and thus more rapid and effective action.


Chromium is an essential trace element, which supports the intake of more glucose from the blood into the muscles. Thus the efficiency of insulin is increased to optimum levels. In turn this allows the digestion in a large amount of fat, and also prevents the conversion of glucose into fat. Chromium reduces excess fat for lean muscle mass and also contributes to the normal metabolism of macro-nutrients.

Garcinia Cambogia extract:

Garcinia Cambogia is a plant traditionally used in Ayurvedic medical system. Research results show that the extract of this plant is safe and possesses valuable properties. The extract is standardized to its active ingredient - hydroxycitric acid which takes part in the Krebs cycle and biochemically hampers the synthesis of fatty acids. On the other hand, hydroxycitric acid promotes the recovery of carbohydrates, rather than being stored as fat. Effectiveness of hydroxycitric acid is explained by its mechanism of action: once inside the body, the acid inhibits the enzyme citrate lyase - this enzyme is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into fat and thus avoids “storage” of fat.

The combination of chromium and Garcinia Cambogia extract induce satiety, and thereby suppress hunger and controls the amount of food intake.

The last active ingredient is vitamin B3 as nicotinamide (niacinamide). Nicotinamide is a vital vitamin that has various positive effects on the body. The reason why it is included in the formula of Acti Chromium is that it promotes digestion and normalizes functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in general, and also build muscle mass. Moreover, nicotinamide favors the normal course of metabolism and energy production. The intake of nicotinamide reduces the feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Thanks to these three effective active ingredients Acti Chromium is complete formula that is faithful assistant to overweight patients. Research published in Diabetes Obes Metab. 2004 May 6 (3): 171-80 proves that the combination of hydroxycitric acid, derived from Garcinia Cambogia and niacin bounded with chromium is an effective and safe formula that facilitates the reduction of excess body mass and improves body mass index.


Acti Chromium is recommended in following cases:

  • Overweight.
  • Obesity related to diabetes type II.
  • In a period of weight loss Acti Chromium supports body mass reduction and also helps to reduce hunger.

In a state of indigestion. Acti Chromium favors metabolism.

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Dietary supplement with sweetener.


In 100 ml

Maximum daily dose

1 ml (20 drops)

Chromium picolinate
(of which chromium 12,5%)

160.9 mg

20 mg

1.609 mg

200 mcg (500% RDA*)

Liquid extract of Garcinia Cambogia
(10-18% hydroxycitric acid)

5000 mg


50 mg


Nicotinamide (Vitamin В3)

1600 mg

16 mg (100% RDA*)

Excipients: water, flavor: lemon; humectant: glycerin; sweeteners: sucralose and steviol glycosides; preservative: potassium sorbate; acidity regulator: citric acid.

*RDA – recommended daily allowance.