Anti Histamin
Anti Histamin

Anti Histamin is a dietary supplement with a high content of activated vitamin B6, micro-nutrients and plant extracts, which is particularly effective in histamine intolerance. Histamine acts as a mediator in inflammation and allergies. Degradation of histamine is carried out through the use of enzyme systems, as this requires certain micronutrients. The intake of these nutrients stimulates the processes of digestion and reduces complaints caused by histamine. The most common complaints are intolerance to certain foods and allergic reactions.

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Content of basic substances in a maximum daily dose (4 capsules):

Vit B6 - 42 mg

Vit C - 262 mg

Vit E - 29 mg

Calcium - 321 mg

Zink - 10 mg

Copper - 62 mg

Quercetin - 16 mg

Resveratrol - 3 mg

Beta Caroten - 64 mg

Goji-Berry Extract - 481 mg

Ginkgo Extract - 64 mg

L-Glutamin - 164 mg

5-Hydroxytryptophan - 82 mg

Nett Weight: 45 g