Metabol Control
Metabol Control

Metabol Control is a dietary supplement composed of three ingredients with mutually complementary action - Carositol, Gymnema, and Chromium picolinate, which work in favor of the normal metabolism of glucose in the body.

Carositol is an ingredient, derived from the fruit of the carob tree. It contains more than 90% natural and highly purified pinitol. Pinitol is an organic substance which mimics the action of insulin and helps the normal degradation of glucose.

The second ingredient is an extract from the leaves of Gymnema (Gymnema Sylvestre). Gymnema acid contained therein helps to reduce the high levels of blood sugar.

The third ingredient is a trivalent chromium (in the form of chromium picolinate), which contributes to the maintenance of normal glucose concentration in the blood.


Has a favorable effect on blood sugar levels. It mimics the effects of insulin by helping to improve the entry of glucose into cells. Supports normal glucose uptake in muscle cells. Metabol Control is suitable for people with insulin resistance associated with overweight and obesity, as well as for people with metabolic syndrome with blood glucose over 110 mg / dL. Provides good results in people with Prediabetes as well as with patients with Type II Diabetes, together with a special diet, exercise, and prescribed oral medications.

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In one capsule

In recommended daily dose
(3 capsules)


(>90 % pinitol)

400 mg

(>360 mg)

1200 mg

(>1080 mg)

Gymnema extract (Gymnema Sylvestre)

(28% Gymnema acid)

80 mg

(20 mg)

240 mg

(60 mg)

Chromium picolinate


0.16 mg

(19 µg)

0.48 mg

(57 µg (142.5 % от NRV*))

*Nutrient Reference Values

Excipients: none