Manufacturing facility

Herbamedica's manufacturing facility are located in Bulgaria and Spain.

Following the European standards for quality of food and services by 2006 Herbamedica implement the system of quality control HACCP. This enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible. Using natural raw materials from certified producers, systematic control of each stage of production and implementation of the most modern methods of treatment of natural ingredients in order to increase their effectiveness.

To help retailers and consumers understand how dietary supplements work, Herbamedica provides a team of nutritional experts to answer technical questions by phone (+359 2 818 48 70) and e-mail (office [at]

Manufacturing capabilities:

  1. Tablet forms
  2. Soft gelatin capsules
  3. Hard capsules
  4. Syrup forms
  5. Sachets form
  6. Multi oil extracts
  7. Herbal tablets
  8. Vegan products