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Herbamedica was established in 1994 by Radoslav Toshkov MD to manufacture completely natural dietary supplements to advance his privet medical clinic ("Detox Center"). Relying on its leading slogan - "Health Care by entirely natural means" and innovative products of high quality, Herbamedica soon grows to one of the leading companies in Bulgaria for the production and distribution of dietary supplements. The range of over 100 products is intended for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. It covers major organ system dysfunction with regard to the quality, completely natural treatment and follow basic holistic approach to treating the root of the disease. Based on the abundance of herbs, herbalism traditions and love of nature, our products range is constantly growing reputation among physicians, occupational therapists and pharmacists. "Today, when we have too little time and too many amenities to the fore springing things that should not be compromised - your family's health and your own." - Radoslav Toshkov - owner of Herbamedica LTD.


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Herbamedica LTD

Sofia, Bulgaria

(+359) 2 818 48 70, (+359) 2 818 48 71
office [at] herbamedica.info
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria, 45 B Ivan Susanin Str.